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  Haiti Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving healthcare and health education in the impoverished nation of Haiti.
In 2007, citizens of Cité Soleil, Haiti reached out to medical practitioners in Florida expressing a need for even the most basic of health care services. Cité Soleil, suffering from years of violence and gang warfare, was unable to maintain functioning medical facilities and medical staff. A team of Florida-based practitioners recognized their unique position to share their expertise and skill to support improved health outcomes for those in need. In just two days, our makeshift volunteer medical team established a temporary health clinic in Cité Soleil, treating 263 patients for everything from minor burns and cuts to infections and complications in pregnancy, all in less than optimal conditions. The medical team understood that these service represented an ongoing need, Haiti Clinic was formed and established its first clinic facility in Cité Soleil.

Our Haitian medical staff provide free unbiased primary care, preventive health and dental services for the community.  Our clinics also provide health education on topics such as: high blood pressure, well-baby care and women health and empowerment.  We focus on prevention and maintenance of health conditions and outreach to underserved communities.  Many of which have no access to running water, electricity and sewers. About 78% of Haitians survive on less than $2 a day, and more than half them live in extreme poverty, less than $1 a day.  

Where We Work


Since 2007, Haiti Clinic has since remained dedicated to providing Haitians with access to the expertise of a quality Haitian medical staff, US volunteers and medications. We have grown to serve two locations: Cité Soleil, a major urban center hard hit by the 2010 earthquake, and Bawosya, a remote mountain village located south of Pétiton-Ville. Between these two locations, Haiti Clinic serves over 12,000 individuals. 

Teams of medical volunteers travel to Haiti throughout the year. During these trips the volunteers and clinic staff travel to other areas without access to medical care and set up remote clinics, often times treating over 400 patients in one day. 

Working Together


Haiti Clinic supports 3 orphanages and 8 schools by supplying with deworming medication, first aid supplies and over the counter medications all of which Haiti Clinic receives as free in kind donations.

If you would like  information on working together, please contact us! 

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