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Women's Health

Empowering women to realize their full potential can break the cycle of poverty, create prosperity and generate other transformative outcomes. This program provides women and girls a safe environment to ask questions and receive accurate health information relating to their bodies. Women are also screened for malnutrition, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and other infectious diseases. 


Dental Services

Access to free dental care is almost unheard of in Haiti. On a typical day, our Dentists will see approximately 25 patients and extract 25-30 teeth. Many of their patients have never owned a toothbrush, toothpaste or have seen a dentist until visiting our clinic.


Well-baby and Maternal care

We provide regular check-ups, vaccinations and screen for malnutrition  in our clinics. Our staff provide information on prenatal and postpartum topics  covering a wide range of topics from preparing for labor and delivery to infant care and attachment, breastfeeding, healthy relationships, and other critical topics.  

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