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Using eBay Giving Works, Haiti Clinic can benefit from all your e-bay shopping and selling. When selling on e-Bay you can choose to donate a portion of your proceeds. To sell items for Haiti Clinic, just select Haiti Clinic in the Pictures & Data section under “Donate Portion of Sale” and a symbol will appear on your item that indicates your support for our organization.


Use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Just type Haiti Clinic and every time you search $.01 is donated to our organization. You can also add GoodSearch to your toolbar to make it even easier!


GoodShop is an online mall where you can shop stores including iTunes, Macy’s, Lowes, Hilton, Old Navy, Nordstrom, FTD, Travelocity, Walgreens, Staples and MANY more. The retailer agrees to donate a portion of each sale to Haiti Clinic. Just sign up the way you would for goodsearch (enter “Haiti Clinic” into the bar that asks who you goodsearch for) and everytime you click the link from GoodShop.com to your favorite online store, a percentage of your purchase will be donated Haiti Clinic.


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