Staff and Volunteers

Jennifer Tossie
Executive Director

Jennifer graduated from Monmouth College in New Jersey with her BS in Education. She has developed a strong love for Haiti and its people, traveling many times to Haiti since 2007 in connection with her positions with several agencies providing non-profit services and assistance to the people living there. She has a passion for creating healthcare and education programs. Since she has been working in Haiti, she has been directly responsible for obtaining and sending over $36 million in Earthquake relief aid,  $49 million in grants and in-kind donations and budgetary planning and development for over 65 programs. Jennifer joined Haiti Clinic in 2012 and feels fortunate to work with a group of wonderful volunteers who share her commitment and passion for the people of Haiti. Jennifer lives in South Florida with her husband and 3 children.

Dr. Kobel Dubique
Medical Director

Dr. Antony Joseph

Dr. Antony attended the dental school at Universite d’Etat d’Hait in Port-au-Prince. Growing up his father was a tailor in Gros-Morne, where he made clothes and jackets for the doctors and dentists. When he was a small child, he met a dentist and he knew after meeting with her that his dream was to become a dentist when he grew up. Dr. Antony graduated, in 2007, since then his goal is to help the people in his country. He not only provides dental services but take the time to explain to his patients the importance of having good oral health. Dr. Antony lives in Haiti with his fiancée, Ms. Falide Macillon  who is also a dentist and volunteers her time during our volunteer clinic trips.

Dr. Macillon Falide

Dr. Macillon Falide was born in Gros-Jean, an area of Petion-Ville, in the mountains of Pernier. Her passion for dentistry started when she was in secondary school. During school, a local dentist provided an educational presentation. He explained the importance of a persons smile for health and social reasons. As a young child she learned the importance of taking care of your teeth. After high school she attended The Université Autonome de Port-au-Prince for 5 years. After graduation she immediately started to see patients in Mirebalais, Haiti working side by side with Dr. Antony. Dr. Falide works in the Cite Soleil clinic and volunteers during remote clinics throughout Haiti.

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Ms. Colette and Ms. Bernadette    

Nurse and Health Agent

Ronda Thomas 
Bookkeeper and Volunteer

Ronda considers being a volunteer for Haiti Clinic as one of the most rewarding experiences that she has ever had. She is the office manager for Dr. Heskel a Haiti Clinic board member, Haiti Clinic’s bookkeeper and a volunteer. She has had an opportunity to go to Haiti and volunteer her time. Working for Dr. Heskel, she has inherited the passion to help others and has seen the need to help the Haitian people through his eyes.



Ruth Purcell

Ruth is a nurse who has traveled to Haiti many times with Haiti Clinic.  She lives in Vero Beach with her husband, Pat who is also a volunteer.  Ruth and Pat organize the storage units and pack boxes for shipments for Haiti.  Ruth organizes the medication and supplies then coordinates with “Pill Packers” to ensure medication is packed properly in individual bags for distribution at our clinic.

Kam Storey

Kam is responsible for coping Haiti Clinic patient charts for medical records. She is one of Haiti Clinic’s long time supporters and volunteers.

Rose Coward

Rose was raised in a family who believed that all people are equal, “Someone who isn’t as fortunate as I am deserves more chances” That stays with her and is shown by her interest in helping in Haiti.  Rose creates the medication labels for the medication bags


The Pill Packers

Below are a few of the volunteers who dedicate time packing medication in individual bags that are dispensed in our clinic.  Their work is very important because it saves time for our Haitian clinic staff and is very convenient and easy to read for the patients because each bag has the name of the medication and photo dosing instructions.

Mary, Tara, Barbara & Mary Jo


Bill and Peggy

Bill and Peggy


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