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Haiti Clinic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving healthcare and health education in the impoverished nation of Haiti.

Our aim is to provide the resources necessary to utilize the vast knowledge and abilities of healthcare practitioners and other volunteers to impact the lives of some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. This includes access to medications and physicians, basic necessities such as clean water and adequate nutrition, as well as education and sanitation.

Our volunteers come from all over to support this wonderful cause. The people who volunteer their time, talent and resources have a wide variety of backgrounds, religious affiliations and political views but their one commonality is the desire to bring help and hope to the suffering citizens of Haiti.

We create teams that function together as a network – enhancing our ability to bring the needed clinical, physical and financial resources to those in dire need.  Haiti Clinic has been fortunate enough to work in two areas of Haiti: the urban setting of Cite Soleil and currently in the rural area of Baocia in the hills south of Pétion-Ville.

Our first clinic in Cite Soleil grew into a community cornerstone providing primary care and preventive health services for the community.  Residents had access to care provided by our Haitian staff consisting of a physician and two nurses.  Several nurse administered programs provided nutrition counseling, childhood malnutrition assessment and treatment, and access to clean water and hygiene.

In the spring, of 2013 Haiti Clinic relocated its operations to Baocia.  We have partnered with Haiti Partners who have a long and successful history of developing community schools in Haiti.  Our current clinic is located in Haiti Partners Children’s Academy in Baocia.  Working with Haiti Partners will allow us to develop a healthcare delivery model that we plan to utilize to expand our services to other Haitian communities including Cite Soleil.

Our Haitian clinic team consists of our physician, nurse and community health agent. Until the clinic opened, residents had very limited access to primary care.

We are very excited about this new chapter in Haiti Clinic’s work in Haiti.  The success of our vision depends on the dedication of our Haitian staff, the tireless efforts of our volunteers, our partnership with Haiti Partners and the financial and in kind support of our friends and donors.

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