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Our Mission:

Haiti Clinic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving healthcare and health education in the impoverished nation of Haiti.

Since 2007, our goal is to provide the resources necessary to utilize the vast knowledge and abilities of healthcare practitioners and volunteers to impact the lives of some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. This includes access to medications and physicians, basic necessities such as clean water and adequate nutrition, as well as health and oral health education and sanitation to underserved communities where there is no running water, no electricity and no sewers. About 78% of Haitians survive on less than $2 a day, and more than half them live in extreme poverty, less than $1 a day.

Our Staff:

Haiti Staff: Medical Director-Dr. Kobel, Dr. Nadege, Dentists- Dr. Antony and Dr. Falide,  Nurses,  Auxiliaries and volunteer Community Health Workers.

U.S. Staff: Executive Director- Jennifer Tossie and a part-time bookkeeper- Ronda Thomas  

Where We Work:

Haiti Clinic has been fortunate enough to work in two areas of Haiti: the urban setting of Cite Soleil and the rural area of Baocia in the mountains south of Pétion-Ville. Our first clinic in Cite Soleil grew into a community cornerstone providing primary care and preventive health services for community. In the spring of 2013, Haiti Clinic opened a clinic in Baocia, a very rural mountainous community that had no access to health or dental care. Teams of medical volunteers travel to Haiti 6-8 times a year. During these trips the volunteers and clinic staff travel to other areas without access to healthcare and set up remote clinics, often times treating over 400 patients in one day. Haiti Clinic supports 3 orphanages and 8 schools by supplying with deworming medication, first aid supplies and over the counter medications all of which Haiti Clinic receives as free in kind donations.

Our Daily Activities:

Haiti Clinic offers free health and dental care to the community.  The nearest health facility from our Baocia clinic is about a 3-4 hour walk from the clinic and it’s a fee-for-service clinic. Due to the reputation of Cite Soleil being one of the worst slums in Haiti,  many Non Profit organizations and clinics refuse to enter the community. Because of this, the total lack of healthcare in Cite Soleil has become dire. There are often patients lined up before the clinics starts each day.  Dr. Kobel sees approximately 54 patients per day with conditions ranging from burns, intestinal parasites, high blood pressure, malnutrition, pregnancy, fever, infections and common colds. As difficult as it is to find medical care, dental care is even harder. Access to free dental care, is almost unheard of in Haiti.   On a typical day, our dentists will each see approximately  28 patients and extract 35 teeth.  They have many adult patients who had never owned a toothbrush or seen a dentist until visiting our clinic.

Our clinics also offers several nurse-administered programs providing High blood pressure education, health and hygiene, childhood malnutrition assessment, De-worming, Fluoride treatment for children’s teeth and vaccination program. By offering education, medication and access to care we are providing some of the resources to make a real difference in our community!

 The success of our vision depends on the dedication of our Haitian staff, the tireless efforts of our volunteers and the financial and in kind support of our friends and donors.

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